Lifecycle Partner
PCL-INDIA offers a variety of solutions that can assist in developing and maintaining competitiveness, for companies in the Sanitary Fittings industry. We have extensive Domain Knowledge with years of experience across several countinents. Read more....
Custom OEM Solutions
PCL-INDIA specializes in providing custom development solutions for products and componentsRead more....

Technology Update

DZR Forged and Machined Parts - After completing successful trials, we are happy to announce that our process to produce Forged and Machined components in DZR Brass is stable and in production.

Zink Handles - PCL-INDIA has successfully developed the production process for Zink handles in India. Our products are compatible to European and American norms and are tested to withstand CASS and ASS test parameters.


Product Offering

A range of components are produced by our facilities across India. Some of the products include:
a. Zink Handles
b. Brass Forgings
c. Turned Parts
d. Tubular Parts

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Our Services

PCL-INDIA provide a unique set of solutions as a Lifecycle Partner for the Sanitary Fittings  industry. These services range from the supply of components, as part of a supply chain solution, to technology and knowledge upgrades in the areas of process and manufacturing.

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About Us

PCL-INDIA is a specialist in the Sanitary Fittings industry with over 40 years of Domain specific knowledge. The company is a Lifecycle Partner for businesses operating within the industry. We provide technology solutions that help manufacturers upgrade their plant and machinery. We also provide process improvement services, including  transfer of technology. Finally, we provide support to the industry through development and supply of products and components.